Rick Owens returns to Palais de Tokyo to present the Fall/Winter 22 mens collection for the Paris Fashion Week.
The gothic style, to which Rick Owens is particularly faithful, is emerging now more than ever thanks to particularly sophisticated outfits featuring black coats and jackets, puffers and sleeveless jackets with full zip up to the head, long ripped dresses and reflective garments. The show, called "Strobe" for being illuminated at regular intervals by strobe lights, is opened by one of the designer's faithful models, Tyrone Dylan Susman, who presents himself with a vest created by the union of many Cerberus key rings, one of the bestseller of the brand.
The footwear section includes pieces already seen in the past, such as the Bozo, Kizz and Tractor boots, alongside the Converse Turbowpn of last season to another that has yet to come out, very similar to a classic Chuck '70. Finally, an element that aroused interest and amazement was a helmet with one or more LEDs on, which illuminated the parade itself shrouded in darkness.
Her below you will find some of the outfits from the show and runway video.

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