Rick Owens presented the SS23 Mens Collection "EDFU"

Rick Owens presented the SS23 Mens Collection "EDFU"

The classic appointment at Palais de Tokyo sees the designer presenting the collection inspired by the human fear of our extinction

Repetition, for better or worse, is at the heart of the show. The fiery metal spheres, slowly raised by a crane and left to crash in the center of the fountain, symbolize flaming suns, as Rick Owens explains, in reference to the human fear of extinction, due (now more than ever) to catastrophes, wars, plagues. But in all this, the designer finds comfort, because he reassures himself of the fact that events have already happened and which we have always survived. The collection was conceived during his holidays, the name EDFU refers to the place of worship dedicated to the God Horus, in Egypt. The designer was right here on vacation, one of the items that we find in the Egyptian-inspired collection is the tulle that covers the models from head to toe, which he says he wanted at that time to shelter from mosquitoes. Among the novelties we find technical garments in Dyneema, a particular synthetic fiber used for traction cables, which Owens inserts in trousers, shirts and wide jackets, while others created in collaboration with Paradoxe, a Parisian label famous for denim and vintage.

Below you can find the video of the show and some looks.


Photo credit: Vogue

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