GOGREEN™ is a carbon-neutral shipping option for customers of DHL™ and Deutsche Post, now available for DHL™ Express customers in more than 40 countries. With the GOGREEN™ service, all transport-related emissions of carbon dioxide are first calculated and then offset through external climate protection projects.

All of our national and international express shipments are GOGREEN™. The carbon credits generated from external climate protection projects are managed by DHL™ in-house Carbon Management team. Carbon Management, all GOGREEN™ processes and the emissions-calculation methodology are verified annually by a third-party verifier, SGS.

DHL GoGreen Roadmap


The first and the last

Implement green pickup and delivery solutions for 70% of our first and last mile services, increasing the fleet with more than 14,000 electric vans.

Stay in the know

To know more about the DHL GoGreen program, pelase visit www.dhl.com

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